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Historical Investments

Fima Films

Business: Local factory in Chamdor produces Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)
Holding: 62.5% through Empowa Investments

Previously known as Treofan SA, Fima has been granted exclusive rights to sell their products into Africa and Southern Africa. Today BOPP is a popular packaging solution which offers a wide variety of benefits including a unique combination of properties - stiffness, transparency, sealability, barrier and shine. Fima continues to offer a quality product in line with AIB and ISO certifications.

Control Installations and Repair Centre

Empowa Investments has a 51% equity in installing and refurbishing industrial valves for Sasol, Eskom and a number of leading mining houses. The investment was held over a four year period and was exited after identifying differences in values and strategy with our fellow shareholders and directors.

Empowa Grinaker-LTA

The seven-year partnership was established through a 50% purchase of an Aveng Africa factory in De Aar in the Northern Cape. The partnership in the factory which produced concrete railway sleepers and turnouts was terminated in December 2009. The partnership was exited due to the market developments which introduced competition.

Tiro Access

Molete Nare Investments has a 24% interest in Tiro Access. Tiro Access is an engineering company that specializes in Project management, Structural Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Structural Failure Rapid Response and Engineering Maintenance Services. Tiro Access is part of the Tiro group.

Cummins South Africa Power Generation

Business: Design and manufacture of globally competitive diesel generators
Holding: Sales Agency Agreement

This partnership combines Cummins’ International reputation with Molete-Nare’s competitive qualifications, market expertise and provincial sales capabilities. Together, the partnership presents a truly unique, scalable opportunity to leverage international quality in support of local people and local relationships.


Business: Forensic services
Holding: 26% through Empowa

By providing innovative and value-added solutions in a competitive yet growing market place, the company has the opportunity to become a leading provider to public and private sector institutions. Lexlegis specialises in the prevention, detection and investigation of economic offences. The firm has evolved into a multi-skilled enterprise with sound credentials.

Meet Our Team

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the
Semantics, a large language ocean.

Our Skills

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Web Design90%
Joomla Development40%
Graphic Design95%
Print Media & Branding86%

Why Chose Us?

Creative People

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Awesome Customer Support
Money Back Guarantee

Meet Our Team

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the
Semantics, a large language ocean.
Mareya Robin
Mareya RobinFounder & CEO
Jemes Anderson
Jemes AndersonCreative Dicecrtor
Angelina Jerin
Angelina JerinCreative Designer
Jon Herminson
Jon HerminsonCo-Founder
Partner 1
Partner 1
Partner 1
Partner 1

23 Frederick Road, Broadacres AH 2021, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Email: info@moletenare.co.za
  • Phone: +27 11 513 4043