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Our Current Investments

Current strategic investments are concentrated in the manufacturing sector which is considered to have long-term potential. It also holds equity in a firm which conducts forensic investigations.
Empowa Investments holds a 25,1% equity in the business which manufactures, markets and sells insulation to contractors who install these materials at construction sites, Eskom power stations and Sasol refineries.
Molete-Nare Investments holds 51% interest in Maramalo Pty Ltd. Maramalo’s primary business is to offer training to broadcasters on the continent of Africa, with especial emphasis on technical training, operational training, production training, management training and content development. Maramalo has a strategic relationship with the University of Pretoria in executing this training. We are currently running training with a South African broadcasting corporation and are looking forward to growing the business further
Molete-Nare Investments holds 33% percentage in Molete-Nare Energy & Water. Molete Nare Energy & Water specialises in providing Dredging, Energy Efficiency, Water Treatment and Electrical solutions. It is comprised of a team of experienced professional engineers and business people.
Ballast Transnet
Molete-Nare Investments has been in business of supplying Ballast Transnet since 2014.
The ballast was supplied through a number of quarries. These quarries include:
1. De Aar Stone Crushers, located in the Northern Cape.
2. Rietspruit Crushers (Pty) Ltd in Ermelo
3. NPC (Natal Portland Cement) in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
As a result of the supply of the ballast material, Molete-Nare owns 37% of Jacler Trading (Pty) Ltd CK 2016/121076/07.
Wicked Cream
Soweto Biltong Factory Cafe

23 Frederick Road, Broadacres AH 2021, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Email: info@moletenare.co.za
  • Phone: +27 11 513 4043