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We have built a diverse network of professional organisations and individuals with whom we evaluates and pursues business interests. The key criteria in the process is to always have partners with similar vision and passion

Molefi Madisakwane - CEO

Molete-Nare Investments CEO Molefi Madisakwane holds a B Admin Degree (University of Zululand), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (University of the Witwatersrand), Masters in Business Leadership (Unisa) as well as Programme in Business Leadership (Unisa).
After completing his first degree, Molefi joined Old Mutual in 1991 as a trainee manager. He quickly moved onto his role as a human resources consultant where he helped establish its E-Bank branches countrywide. E-Bank was part of the Standard Group.
He then joined KPMG in 1996 as a transformation manager and later moved into a consulting role at global advisory firm, KPMG. He was also an organisational development managing consultant at leading black accounting firm KMMT which later merged with KPMG.
Following these roles, Molefi established a consulting firm in 2002 which led to him being invited to join the Empowa Group, another investment firm.
Consequently, he is highly experienced in areas of organisation development, transformation, change management, business process improvement, corporate governance and strategy development.
He has also consulted with a number of the leading financial and public institutions in South Africa, where he has obtained extensive knowledge and experience.
He was actively involved in Black Management Forum (BMF) Johannesburg Branch where he held several positions. He also represented the BMF in Japan on a three-month SMME training course.
As a result of his Empowa Investments’ shareholding, he was deployed as a marketing executive at Infraset, a division of Aveng (Africa) until January 2010.
He has represented Empowa Investments as director in a number of businesses in which it has interests. He currently sits on the board of Rockfibre SA on behalf of Empowa Investments.

23 Frederick Road, Broadacres AH 2021, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Email: info@moletenare.co.za
  • Phone: +27 11 513 4043