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In 2008, Molefi Madisakwane established Molete-Nare Investments, a black-owned and managed investment firm. This milestone was the culmination of a dream for the graduate of the University of Zululand, Witwatersrand and UNISA who saw an opportunity and the challenge of bringing economic and social development to a country in its second decade of democracy. Similar opportunities were also identified in Southern Africa.

With a formidable track record with some of the country’s leading businesses, Molefi has a keen understanding of the dynamics and fundamentals of a successful partnership which is the hallmark of investment firms across the globe. Molefi, together with his partners in Empowa, has unique skills which bring an unparalleled perspective to business relationships with the goal of creating stakeholder value.

Molete-Nare prioritises those partnerships with entities where it can play a meaningful role in maximising stakeholder value. Stakeholder value, whether shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and communities where it operates, is driven by four drivers:

• Adherence to corporate governance guidelines

• Understanding and meeting shareholder’s expectations

• Promoting diversity

• Integrity and perseverance.

Molete-Nare’s strategy is supported by a team of qualified and experienced people who have amassed through contracting projects worldwide.

23 Frederick Road, Broadacres AH 2021, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Email: info@moletenare.co.za
  • Phone: +27 11 513 4043