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Welcome to Molete-Nare Investments

Molete-Nare Investments is a black owned and managed investment company based in South Africa. In line with its goal to help bring economic and social development to more Africans, Molete-Nare Investments believes it can significantly add value to partners who have a similar intent, require additional insights and resources and see the benefit of business values which can withstand rigorous testing.

The benefit of this approach results in meaningful outcomes for Molete-Nare Investments’ local and global partners who understand that by doing business, you can maximise profitability and growth, and make a positive difference to the transformation of the country’s economy and society.

Molete-Nare Investments subscribes to the intent of broad-based black economic empowerment whose intent is five-fold:

  • Increase ownership by the previously marginalised groups
  • Build their businesses through tangible support
  • Buy services from businesses owned by these groups
  • Grow the skills of these groups
  • Intervene through other means in order to promote a more equitable socio-economic landscape in Africa.
Client 1
Client 2
Client 3
Stock-Madisa Projects
Kasi Biltong

23 Frederick Road, Broadacres AH 2021, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Email: info@moletenare.co.za
  • Phone: +27 11 513 4043